Brand reliability and price continue to influence purchasing decisions. However, companies’ level of community engagement and social responsibility are also key factors in consumer decision-making. Partnering with ACI3 affords your company the opportunity to increase its CSR brand, thereby growing your customer base and improving your bottom line.

Spot Advertising

  • All ACI3 programing includes ad avails ranging from :15s to :60s. Units are defined as :30s.
  • BHN, PM Program format includes :60s feature with two (2) :30s units adjacent to the feature. Total of 2 units.
  • FOW program format includes a :05s tease with 2 units (:60s ) in the doughnut, and an additional unit (:30s) adjacent to the feature. Total of 3 units.
  • IAA program format includes seven segments split between two hours. Each hour has twelve (12) :30s units available. Total of 24 units.


  • Certain programming offers underwriting sponsorships as opening and/or closing billboards. Underwriting sponsorships ensures your messaging to be heard on programming airing on commercial and non-commercial radio.
  • BHN underwriting sponsorship available as opening or closing billboards.
  • IAA underwriting sponsorship available as opening billboards at the top of each hour.

White Labeling

  • White Labeling offers organizations the opportunity to promote their mission directly through ACI3 content that shares the same messaging. Currently we are offering White Labeling options to businesses or organizations in the following areas:
  • Health, Fitness, and/or Nutrition – ideal partners include health care providers, insurance companies, non-profits, pharmaceutical companies, health product retailers, food industry companies.
  • Financial Services – ideal partners include banks, financial services regulators, insurance companies, and non-profits.
  • Technology Services – ideal partners include technology service providers, technology security companies, and non-profits